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Who Are We?

After all, the ultimate goal of all research is

not objectivity, but truth.

- Helene Deutsch

SusDAf Survey

SusDAf’s  mission is to provide tailor-made, high quality social research and community developmental services in a realistic manner, across a range of disciplines that will always take into consideration the views and opinions of those targeted by the intervention.


We offer specialised, quality, realistic, time-bound and state of the art services to clients in the public, private and civil society sectors based on high ethical and professional standards. The principles and associates of SusDAf combined have worked in more than 10 African countries, and are always willing to travel to far reaching places.

SusDAf Rural Survey

Mission & Vision

Where have principals of SusDAf provided consultancy services?



Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar)




South Africa






SusDAf Service locations

To provide tailor made, high quality social research and community development services.

SusDAf Presentation

We Are Experienced, Innovative, Efficient, Realistic & Impact Oriented

We challenge ourselves 

- we deliver more value, at scale with the sole purpose of positive change to end-users

We challenge our clients

we are not afraid to ask the tough questions and help clients to challenge themselves or their sectors.

We challenge the end-user

be as involved as you possibly can in your own development.

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