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Applied Socio-Economic Research
Policy and Programme Monitoring & Evaluation 
Social Impact Assessments
Stakeholder & Customer Engagement Surveys 

Convenience. Quality. Expertise.

When you need a team of social research experts, SusDAf can manage the entire research cycle, or parts of it on demand. From designing the research project, planning, collecting secondary and primary data, to analysing data, quality control, report preparation and presentation – we are with you every step of the way.


Our offices are normally where research communities are, and we use all means possible to reach the difficult to reach communities, because no one should be left out of development.



 If you're looking for an agency that can take your research initiative from start to finish, look no further.

Applied Socio-Economic Research

SusDAf has been using systematic research and analytical methods to create knowledge that seeks to influence decisions that positively impact the lives of individuals, communities and organisations.  Research results can directly be applied to various situations and disciplines with the main aim of changing the social, cultural, economic, political, traditional or organisational environments for the better.  Applied socio-economic research is essential for the design, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of policies, strategies, plans, programmes and projects.

Policy & Programme Monitoring/Evaluation

SusDAf has been involved in numerous projects as a management function to assess effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence, sustainability and intended and unintended impacts of policies, programmes and projects.  SusDAf have been using systematic M&E and analytical methods to learn about and draw conclusions on the quality, merit and worth of policies, programmes and projects.  M&E is an ongoing activity throughout the design, planning, implementation and decommissioning of policies, programmes and projects in order to inform change where needed.

Social Impact Assessments

SIA is a specialist study usually conducted as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with the aim of developing an understanding of the current social environment and assessing the potential impact of the project on the social environment in order to suggest mitigation measures.  The SIA therefore explores and report on the socio-economic status of the project area, identify the potential socio-economic outcomes derived from the infrastructural development, potential socio-economic impacts as a consequence of those outcomes, and mitigating measures for potential negative impacts and enhancement of positive impacts.

Stakeholder & Customer Engagement Surveys

Stakeholder and customer engagement assessments/surveys create valuable knowledge regarding satisfaction, engagement and enablement of internal and external stakeholders that can be used to enhance communication, collaboration, coordination, organisational culture, leadership, governance, brand attributes, corporate reputation, employee wellness, teamwork, customer care and financial performance amongst others.

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